Most e-bike buyers today do it to have some fun and get some exercise in the process whilst others do it as a form of transport.  Others do it due to an injury or inability to use a conventional bicycle.

Buyers do so for a number of reasons.  Here are a few:

  • To have fun. Someone that loves the outdoors and wants to enjoy the environment. No racing and not speed-driven, just having fun. They would normally go short distances, go for coffee in between, and will probably join others doing the same.
  • Those who have enjoyed life – well and now it is time to get a bit more active but taking a normal bike is not an option. Using an e-bike is an easy and comfortable way to get physically active and this can lead to a much better and healthier lifestyle.
  • Those who would like to ride with others but find it difficult. For instance, a dad wants to ride with his 15-year-old son but cannot keep up. With an e-bike, you can. Or the wife wants to ride with her hubby, but with a normal bike, it is not possible.
  • Where a person has been active (or not) but has an injury. Such as a knee injury. It is not possible to use a normal bike but the e-bike offers the possibility to enjoy a ride.
  • To commute. People all over the world use e-bikes as a format of daily transport. We are getting there. Especially where it is conducive for a bike to be used. It is so much cheaper, often quicker, and than having fun too. It will become a big deal in SA in time to come. Especially if we get more bike lanes.
Then probably a combination of all the above.
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