How To Get Your E-Bike?


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Step 1: Getting the information and selecting a bike of your choice

People do not buy e-bikes every day. In fact, many people know very little about e-bikes, but that is okay, we are here to assist you with a better understanding. We prefer to consider the e-bike options with you (such as the Fat Bike, MTB, Cruisers and Specialty bikes). Then we match your need with the models and thereafter we talk technical details (battery life, distance, motor size). Once you are happy, we can move on.

Call: The easy way is to phone us: Gerrie on 082 568 1242 or Cobus 082 75 7661 for an easy and open discussion. (We understand you may phone a few times with more questions. We do not mind. Even after hours)

E-mail: If you prefer an e-mail, we gladly respond to it. We endeavour to respond within a few hours., or

WhatsApp: you can send a voice message or note to the numbers above.

Selecting a bike for you:
Match your needs with what the bike can offer. It is important to end up with the right bike for YOU.

We are standing by to guide you in your selection process. This may be your first electric bike; we deal with this every day. We want you to be happy with your choice.

We are just a call away.

Step 2: Getting on the bike and placing your order

The distribution warehouse is located in Durban. We do have agents where a selected number of bikes are exhibited. We spend time with a client before selling a bike to them. In some cases, the client wants to ride the bike to get a feel for it. For this reason, we offer test rides in Durban, Nelspruit, Johannesburg and Cape Town.


A client will contact us, we discuss their need and as far as possible get them to ride such a bike. We demonstrate the bike to you and go through the features. Now you are in a much better position to make a call.

Once you are happy with your bike of choice it is time to place the order. You can either call or e-mail us your order details and we will confirmthe product and accessories ordered. (We want to go through this before you make any payment). The availability, expected date of delivery and delivery address will be confirmed.

Step 3: Payment

For security reasons we do not ask you for your personal information such as your credit card details.

You have choices:

Finance is available for the bikes via a third party. Learn more about financing your bike here.

Return Policy:

Pedego SA has a generous return policy which in effect means you may return the product, should you not be satisfied. It must be returned in the same state and condition as it was delivered. We will expect you to pay the courier charge in such a case.

Step 4: Delivery

We will keep you informed on the progress with delivery. Once the product is ready for shipment, you will receive a call to confirm the delivery details and that you are aware that FUN is on its way.

The product is shipped in a semi-assembled format. It is simple to put together and an instructions manual is included.

If in any doubt, pop in at your local bicycle shop and they will gladly assist. This is also a good opportunity to meet the team that can assist with product and servicing your bike.


Here is the video to assemble your bike:

Step 5: Servicing

Where do I service my bike?

We have identified key service providers throughout South Africa to service your bike.

Besides the 4 major service centres (in Durban, Cape Town, Nelspruit and Edenvale), other service providers are there to service your bike.

They will contact us in the event of a replacement part requirement. Your bike needs no special servicing other than a normal conventional bike but it is a good idea to service it once a year.

Test Centres

Test ride facility and service centres

Cape Town

Gauteng (Edenvale)


Test Centre Details