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We have made a concerted effort to give you as much information on the e-biking lifestyle as well as the products. We know you probably have not had an e-bike before, so we are here to assist and make this a pleasant experience.

Take the time to visit our Knowledge Centre section. Compare the specifications of the bikes. Study what you get. E-mail us for a catalogue and or an information document about e-biking in general- things you need to know.

Fun in the Sun

Life is short, they say. So, maximize on it.

Leave the concerns of daily life behind and focus on the experiences you can have.

Explore and be daring. Spoil yourself and have fun. An e-bike is the key to unlocking the fun button.

Unlock The Fun

    Pedego is a USA premium brand product that has been represented in South Africa for the last 8 years.

    The range includes commuters, off-road and specialty e-bikes. The product is fully supported and warranted by Pedego USA.

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  • SMART-e

    SMART-e offers affordable, yet stylish and durable e-bikes with a focus on all-terrain bikes, transporters, and training bikes. We offer background and technical information to make the choice so much easier. Each bike offered is fully described so you know what you get. 

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  • If we say Pedegos are the very best electric bicycles on Earth, it’s just bragging, but when our customers say it — it’s proof.

  • This is your chance to meet real-life customers and listen to their stories first hand.

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  • See for yourself all the wonderful benefits that come from owning an Electric Bike.

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Electric Bike FAQs

Get straight answers to all your electric bicycle related questions.

Here you can find loads of useful
 – all in one place for your convenience.

Learn all the important facts before you decide to buy an E-Bike.

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“I want to congratulate you on the document; accessible to read,
covering many different angles and is really a testimony of your
professionalism. Thanks for the document.” 

- Assie Gildenhuys

"Hello Fun..." Magazine

The “Hello, Fun…” magazine was created to share the fun of owning a Pedego Electric Bike with you.

It’s packed with stories and information that we hope you will find useful and inspiring.