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Pedego, a premium electric bike brand, was founded in 2009 by Don DiCostanzo and Terry Sherry, two long-time business partners and lifelong friends who were best men in each other’s weddings.

Don lived on top of a giant hill that took all the fun out of riding to the beach, so he went online
and bought an electric bike. He loved it so much that he bought another, and another, and another… Before long, he wound up with seven different electric bikes in his garage!

Soon, Don found himself frustrated and disappointed with the poor quality and boring style of all the electric bikes on the market. He dreamt of creating his own brand of electric bikes that would live up to his high standards and appeal to more people.

But he knew he couldn’t do it alone, and that’s where Terry comes in.

Terry has warm childhood memories of fixing up old bikes with his dad. He remembers going to swap meets to search for broken down, neglected bikes to bring back to life. He learned to strip them down to the bare frame and completely rebuild them from scratch to be as good as new.

Between Don’s innovative vision and Terry’s technical expertise, Pedego Electric Bikes was born. The colorful, fun bikes were instant crowd-pleasers, and Pedego’s world-class customer service earned them a special place in the hearts of customers everywhere.

Today, Pedego is a market leader and one of the most recognized electric bike brands in the world. They are constantly adding more stores, more products, and most importantly, more delighted customers!

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Pedego SA has been going for 8 years. Wonderful years. It all started with a visit by Terry to the US and renting a Pedego bike. The experience was so impressive that it was decided to bring the product to South Africa and let others share in the fun.

What inspired us to get involved? I have been cycling for the last 22 years. We love going camping and then we are on our MTB’s. What an experience. Then we also enjoy the rides on the promenade.

We had a good look at what the South African market wants and quickly discovered at there is a strong need for all terrain e-bikes. Then we also noticed the prices and our research indicated that the not so competitive riders, want a bike but is not keen to pay R80 000 or R140 000 for an e-bike to be used occasionally. The challenge was to find an affordable bike or bikes that satisfy the need of the market but is affordable.

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Own range: SMART-e

The only way was to source a good manufacturer, give them our specifications (style, motor type and size, battery type and size, components to be used, etc. This took us two years but since then, we have been importing multiple containers and we sell direct to the public to reduce the overall price the client will pay. And it works! We use test centres where the public can view and test ride the bikes. And to assist where needed.

My brother, Cobus joined the business as the business was expanding. His insight and support are immensely valuable and a real asset to the business.

The range continues to grow and we are committed to staying on top of what clients want. The Pedego brand remains important and it is well supported by the SMART-e range.

Gerrie and Cobus van Biljon

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