Today the options are unlimited. You can pay a lot and not really need what the bike is intended to be used for. You need to match your need with the bike. If you a recreational biker you don’t have to buy the top of the range product.

There is a range of mountain bikes on the market. The buyer must ask: what do I want to do with this bike? The answer will then lead you to the product best suited for you. Understand that you can get a MTB for under R20 000 and then you are welcome to pay R160 000 for a branded high-spec bike, but what is best for YOU?

A top of the range bike is offered for a reason: the user is a person that probably uses it to its full potential. Long and technical rides and doing it often (If not it is a waste of money).

Then you may select a hard tail MTB for instance where it only has a front shock, but it is still capable of going off road and giving you great fun. It may be a lower spec bike but it may be all you require. For this, you don’t need a carbon frame or a Scram Red group set.

Match your needs with what the bike offers. Never under spec the bike if you think you need the upgrade. An over-spec bike is a bit of a waste unless you have the means and are keen to do so.

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