Firstly, it all depends on what your needs are. If she is a serious rider, experienced rider, young and full of life – it is easy. Buy a high end, dual suspension and invest at least R80 000.

But if you are falling in some or all of the following categories the answer is very different.

Middle aged. Nothing personal but when you age your needs are very different. You probably do not want to do the challenging trials, want to beat every body and just want to have a good time.

Fun and some exercise. You are not there to do a race, you are not top fit, but want to do at least some exercise, not every day but some days and in the process enjoy every moment.

Need a bike that is easy to ride. You want a bike that is non-threatening, not over whelming and easy to get on and off. You do not want to struggle to get your leg over the top bar.

Want to stay with other. It may be your husband, friend or a child. But you can not keep up but you want to. Then you need that assistance of the e-bike to do so.

A reasonably priced bike. You may be in a position where you can afford a R85 000 e-bike but you find it difficult to justify the capital outlay or frankly you just do not want to spend that type of money.

Comfortably riding position. A more upright riding position put less stress on your arms and back. This is what you want.

The solution:

  • You need an e-bike with a power output of about 500W.
  • Get a bike that has an adjustable stem or a long fork.
  • A comfortable saddle.
  • A step-thru frame for easy mounting and discharge
  • Simple gears such as 1 single chainring in the front and 7 or so gears at the back.
  • Get an all-rounder that also gives a comfortable ride.
  • Pay no more than R32 000

If you agree there are a number of e-bikes on the market that fit the bill or check out the SMART EAZ-e Step Thru – you may like it.


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