All you need to know about the battery

The battery is the power source the motor needs to get the bike going. It is one of the most important (and costly) components on an e-bike. Thus, we need to tell you more about it.

What is in the battery? In the battery pack is a series of small lithium-ion batteries. The same batteries often used in other battery packs including electric cars. The quality of the batteries used is important and brand names such as LG, Panasonic and Samsung are good choices.

How long will the battery last before replacement? It depends how often you charge the battery. We have customers that uses their batteries purchased 7 years ago and then a security company using the bike daily replaced their battery after 2 years. Your battery will do well of a period and then it will start to lose power. Suppliers claim that you should get between 600 and 700 charges on a battery. After 500 charges it will reduce to about 80% of the maximum power and reduce further thereafter. So if you get 600 charges and ride let us say 45km per charge, you could cover 27 000 km.

How far can I go on a single charge? It depends on your weight, the capacity of the battery, the terrain and most importantly, how much power do you use. A 48V 10Ah is the default and any higher capacity is a bargain. You will get the best out of your battery by keeping the PAS level low say 1 or 2 (which should be enough), be stingy in the use of the throttle and let your legs do most of the work. You will be surprised what this does on the range you can get. As much as 80km. Hang onto the throttle and put it on PAS 5 and 35km will be a good range.

How do I charge the battery? A smart charger is used which means the charger will switch off once it is fully charged. You can leave it overnight, no problem. When it charges the red light on the charger comes on and when it is charged, the green light comes on. A charge can take as much as 4 to 5 hours depending on the battery level.

How do I care for my battery?  Do not run the battery completely down. And do not charge it when it is, say still 80% full. Remember you only have a number of charges so don’t waste it. When you are not using the bike for some time (in storage), say for a few months, charge it to about 60% and ensure the battery is in a cool place. You can charge the battery on or off the bike – it does not matter.

Replacing the battery. Most batteries need a key to remove it so do not lose your key. You can repack your battery by taking it to a battery specialist company or let the supplier issue you a new battery.

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