• Before you get on the bike make sure you have your helmet on. (Put it on or close to the bike when you store it.)
  • Sun protection. If you have not put sun tan lotion on before you left, ensure to take some along.
  • Eye protection. What about a good pair of sun glasses.
  • This is to buy some a cappuccino and maybe a muffin at the coffee shop.
  • Your cell phone. Not only to make a call but to take those photos for Facebook or Instagram.
  • If the weather is a bit dodgy, take a rain jacket or jersey along if you expect cool weather.
  • It may become hot and a bottle water (in your bottle cage) is a good idea.
  • Comfortable clothes. Make sure the clothes you wear is suitable. Remember your legs move so suitable pants is a good idea. Ladies be aware that you will lean forward, so you do not want to display too much.
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