• Charge the battery. Get into the habit of charging the battery on your return. Nothing so frustrating as going for a ride with a low loaded battery.
  • Pump the tyres. A flat tyre calls for a disaster. It is not only dangerous but it will result in a flatty.
  • Ensure your helmet is donned and properly secured.
  • Do some planning. Although you may change your mind on the way, have some game plan.
  • Estimate the distance you intend riding and ensure that this is within the capability of your battery.
  • If you have not oiled the chain for a while, do so.
  • Pack your belongings for the trip: a cell phone, money, a hat and sun screen.
  • It is a good idea to tell someone where you going and when you expect to be back.
  • Make sure you have agreed where to meet friends at what time.
  • Get into the right frame of mind as you are about to have some FUN.
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