Aside from keeping your battery charged, maintaining an Electric Bike is the same as any bicycle.

Most of the servicing to be done on an e-bike is mechanical of nature. This includes fine tuning the gears, replacing tyres, brake pads or a chain. The electrical components do not require any maintenance at all. If something malfunctions for some reason, we can replace the part but from experience that is very unlikely. Your favourite bike shop will thus sort you out and the e-bike supplier can offer a part if ever required.

Remember an e-bike is a bike with a motor. The “e” part of the bike consists in summary of a motor in the hub or BB (bottom bracket), a controller (basically the computer), battery and then the LCD display. The rest is the same as a normal bike. And that is what requires maintenance such as adjusting the gears and replacing the tyres or chain. The electrical side does not require any servicing. Only when you require a part (in the unlikely event) is where the supplier comes into play. For that reason a good supplier will have stock available which can be replaced and fitted by the cycle shop in your area.


The most important (and simple) thing you can do is check your tire pressure regularly, and keep them inflated as indicated on the tire.

If you’re riding in wet conditions, you’ll want to take extra care and make sure you keep your drive-train clean and well-lubed.

Other than that, you’re likely to need minor adjustments from time to time, and even the best parts do eventually wear out. We suggest that you bring your bike to your local dealer for a check-up at least once or twice a year to ensure the most safe and pleasant riding experience.

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