When planning your bicycle storage, consider what type of bicycles you will be storing:
· Road bicycles are lightweight bicycles with skinny, low-tread tires. They are
designed for fast travel on paved roads. If you commute, you will want a storage
option that allows for quick retrieval and parking.
· Mountain bicycles are heavy-duty bicycles with wide treaded wheels. They
provide plenty of shock absorption suitable for riding unpaved trails. These bikes
can get quite muddy, so outdoor storage may be preferable.

  • Electric bicycles are outfitted with a battery-powered motor, making cycling
    accessible for all. Whether storing indoors or outside, make sure you protect the
    motor of this type of bicycle from rain and wind.
    · Folding bicycles are a compact, commuter-friendly option that’s portable and
    easy to store. You may be able to get by with a simple rack or even a shelf to
    store this type of bicycle.
    · Recumbent bicycles are low to the ground and offer a unique silhouette to
    consider for your storage solution. They’re a great candidate for an outdoor
    bicycle shed or tent.

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