• Just like your car, your E-Bike also requires some love and care. It all starts with cleaning the bike. Do the chain first. Use a chain cleaning liquid or paraffin. Then wash the bike with soap and water. Use chain lube, it will extend the life of both the chain and components. Some furniture polish at the end will make it shine again.
  • Take your bike for a service for time to time. Under normal use, once a year should suffice, but get it done.
  • If something is not working properly (such as the gears are making a noise or the shifting is a problem), take it to your local bike shop and get it fixed.
  • Your bike is an expensive item, look after it. Store it in a safe place. Best, lock it for safety purposes.
  • Even when you are not using the bike, ensure the tyres are inflated. Most tyres today have an indication of maximum tyre pressure indicated on the side of the tyre
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