There are many written rules of the road of which – staying left is the most basic. Then there are unwritten rules that one should really adhere to.

  • E-biking is super fun but it comes with responsibilities too. Be courteous to other bikers. Nothing wrong with greeting a passing cyclist. Consider where you are going not to swerve in front of other cyclists or put them at any risk.
  • When you ride your bike, the speed may be more than others around you. So when you do overtake, make sure there is sufficient room to do so and not to scare the cyclist you are passing.
  • If you are riding with others that are training, be fair, you have a motor and they don’t. So to challenge them on a ride is a bit unfair and they will really not be happy with you chasing up the hill with motor power.
  • Give way. In situations where the road or path is narrow, why not give the oncoming traffic preference. It is a good gesture.
  • Refrain from bragging about how fast you did a circuit when you are in the company of conventional bicycle owners. Let them not have to say: “e-biking is cheating”.
  • Be courteous towards those in cars and trucks. For starters, a car is much bigger and more dangerous than our beloved electric bicycle. Even if you are in the right, let it be and smile and move on.
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