Owners of expensive cars service them regularly and wash them from time to time. Yet, they do not apply this sound principle to their e-bikes. Given the price of these bikes, it deserves special care. I love my bike and it gives me so much pleasure that I feel guilty when I do not look after it. Sometimes after a ride, I just don’t feel like cleaning it – and I don’t.

When you look after your bike, it requires less intense servicing and cleaning later on. There are many theories on how you should go about it. I suggest minimum water. No high pressure hose, no hose pipe but a bucket of water. When you wash the bike the excess water should be squeezed from the cloth. The last you need is for the electrics to give a problem. Your Pedego is designed to take some water but frankly, why should you take a chance. A quick rinse after a ride is sufficient.

On the mechanical side only a few items need your attention before you send it in for its annual service (or when it needs attention before then). Moving parts require lubrication – in our case the e-bike chain, cassette and chain ring needs to be cleaned first and then lubricated. You can use a special bicycle lube or use WD40, which I do, and it works perfectly.

Then just minor issues: check the tyre pressure (every time before you set off), that the brakes work well and don’t forget to charge the battery full before leaving. Don’t forget your safety gear of which your helmet is a must.

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