Maybe you know this, but let me take a chance.

1. There are two different electric bike motor concepts. A mid-drive motor located in the middle of the bike (on the bottom bracket) and the hub motor located either in the front or back wheel.

2. Your e-bike can be serviced by your bike shop in your area. The servicing entails 99% mechanical issues (brakes, chain, leaking tubes, gear settings and lubrication.)

3. You have only one size motor: 250W. The legal limit to operate on public roads is a motor not exceeding 250W. Many electrical bikes are offered with motors exceeding this. In the USA the limit is 750W and Europe also 250W. If you use the bike off public roads, anything goes.

4. The battery output is standardized. Not at all. Between the motor and the battery, you find the widest options available. You have batteries from 24W to more than 48V. The most desirable battery is either a 36W or where more power is required 48W.

5. Most electrical bikes are conventional bikes with a conversion kit. No not true. E-biking is a developing industry. Most e-bikes are designed and built as e-bikes and not a modified conventional bike. It is a sophisticated industry throughout.

6. South Africa is in line with other countries regarding electric bikes. Not even remotely. Also because of our local conditions. Lack of cycling lanes, safety and a restricted awareness of what e-biking is all about including the benefits it offers. But it is growing.

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