8 MYTHS ABOUT E-BIKING (Electrical Bicycles)

  1. E-biking is for cyclists only. No, it is for everyone. Young and old, fit or not, big or small, family or friends – for all to enjoy.
  2. E-biking means the motor does it all. That could be. You can sit on the throttle all the way for whatever reason, draining the battery or pedal just a little to get a bit of exercise.
  3. People frown upon e-bikers. That is old school thinking (unless you train and punish others). People go out with others to have a good time.
  4. You will not exercise whilst on an e-bike. As long as you rotate those pedals you exercise. In fact e-biking is a brilliant way to get into a training routine and becoming fit.
  5. And E-bike requires special maintenance. The electrical components require no maintenance at all. But ensure the mechanics are taken care of at least once a year.
  6. The e-bike weighs slightly more than a conventional bike. Substantially more. A typical e-bike can weigh 24kg where a conventional bike may weigh say 14 kg. But with motorized assistance you don’t notice this whilst riding. It remains a smooth ride. Loading it your vehicle or onto the carrier requires some effort.
  7. I cannot enter races with my e-bike. More and more races have a category for e-bikes (even the Argus – now the Cape Town Cycle Tour).
  8. You need special skills to ride an e-bike. If you can ride a conventional bicycle, you will probably find the conversion easy. Most users do
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