How far can I go before I need to charge the battery again?

The distance you can cover depends on a number of factors and the following are the important ones: your weight, how much motor you use, the terrain you will cover and the size of the battery. On a 14Ah battery, weighing 70kg, undulating terrain and moderate use of the motor, you should cover between 45 and 65km.

Where do I service my e-bike?

99% of what needs maintenance is mechanical. Such as the brakes, the chain and cables. On the electric side, no maintenance is required. You may have to replace a part, say for instance you crash and damage your LCD, it will need replacement.

How fast can the e-bike go?

Most factory settings are set at 25kph to comply with legislation and also for security reasons. Naughty boys will override this.

What is the difference between a hub and mid drive e-bike?

Hub drive e-bikes have the motor on the back axle (some bikes have them in the front), it drives the axle and is very reliable with almost no moving parts.

Mid drive motors are located on the BB (Bottom Bracket) and drive the chain. It is a more expensive option and higher in maintenance on the chain, is better balanced in terms of weight distribution and has better output per Watt.

When do I need to replace the battery?

Two factors in question: time and charges. Batteries lose its ability over a period of time. This can vary from 4 years to even 7 years. On average a battery has between 600 and 750 charges before it needs replacement.

What is the price of a replacement battery?

The battery is hands down the most valuable component of an e-bike. So, look after it well. The price varies from R6 000 to R14 000+ when it is from a known cycle brand, without mentioning it.

Can I enter cycle races with an e-bike?

More and more cycle races allow e-bike entries. This is for both MTB and road races. Example of this is the Cape Town Cycle Tour. Make sure of it before you enter. There is normally a specific category for e-bikes.

What should I remember when I ride my e-bike?

Non-e-bike users are not too happy when e-bikers join them and try to “brake” them. Rather sit at the back and control your riding. Do not attack on the hills to ensure they stay your friends.

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