Mandate: I was requested to do a review and a field test on the SMART-e full suspension bike 29er. I Used the bike both on and off road for 8 days and covered 326 km.


My first reaction when the company handed over the Dual-e for a field test was – nice looking bike, man. I decided to do a few evaluations first before taking it for an on board field test.


The style is modern. It has an integrated battery fitted neatly into the frame of the bike. It seems the frame has not been compromised to accommodate the battery. The aluminum 6061 frame looks solid and the weight is in line with similar products.  I think the decals on the bike are cool – I like it.


The bike in question was fitted with SHIMANO medium range components. It will suffice for the market it targets and the Shimano components fitted (drive chain and braking system), gives comfort with easy shifting. The bike is fitted with three chain rings with a cassette with 9 gears. This gives a range of 27 gears which for an e-bike is almost over the top.

Back to the bikes

Electrics and electronics

The LCD display is impressive and offer a range of controls. Better than many I have tested elsewhere. The display is big enough for an easy read, offer more than enough information and easy to operate. The throttle control is easy to reach and the response of the motor is instant on changing the PAS. I found the PAS as smooth and direct, which in an e-bike is important. The 500W motor offer ample power and I managed to do a 54 km ride and the battery had about 20 – 25% capacity left. (I did however not use the throttle extensively). The 13Ah battery is sufficient for normal use.

Field test.

The bike handled well on off road conditions and the dual suspension operated well even under rough conditions. I also felt in full control of the bike and took even a few (successful) chances to test its ability. The bike offers a comfortable ride on hard surfaces. The saddle was uncomfortable at first but after a while, all was good.


It is priced well for what is at offer. Going for a cheaper bike will mean a compromise on vital matters and even style.


This is not a top carbon racing bike, but it is a perfect versatile bike. Good enough on and off the road. Well styled, components to do the job and ideal for the not so serious cyclists.

Barry Rubenstein

(Barry is an accomplished cyclists and bicycle critic and has reviewed many bicycles and motor bikes since 1998)


Long distance delivery:

Sakkie ordered a bike and it was decided to personally deliver, install and demo the bike. It was such a pleasure to see a happy (and smiling) customer. He then ordered a bike for his wife as well.


“Our sincere appreciation for the outstanding service rendered by you and that you came all the way from Durban. Regards. Pedal by pedal forward.”

Sakkie and Sarie Bekker


Offering guidance

We received numerous calls and later e-mails from Randy asking a host of questions which we do address with pleasure. Even at awkward times of the day and night. But it was all worth it. There is nothing like a happy customer.

Wanted an e-bike but I had no idea what to buy and Cobus was kind to endure with my ignorance and answer all my questions. Thanks for your patience with me. I am a happy chap.

Randy Cushner


Getting the right bike

A MTB was delivered after various discussions with the client. He wanted an all-rounder. A little bit of off-road, some training and then fun rides with his son. I believe we gave him what he needed.

“I was skeptical to take the hardtail MTB.  I am pleased I listened to your advice. I got exactly what I thought it will be. I use my bike extensively and enjoy every moment on the bike. (And I lost some weight). Tremendous joy!”

Ruben Benovic

Sommerset West

Paul, how is your bike?

So, I am loving my bike, been for a few rides now and it is just such a great “bang for buck” ride …well worth the price I paid.

Paul Legg, Cape Town. Owner of a SMART BIG-e (fat bike).

Getting started

Have done 87km so far. Having a blast. Thank you for great service. Awesome bike. Great service. Thanks to all of you.

Bruce and Kerri (Ballito)

Nuwe fiets ontvang

Baie dankie vir die uitstekende diens! Ek het my fiets gister ontvang en ek is werklik beindruk, gaan hom verseker geniet.

Pieter de Wet of Jeffreys Bay.