• Proudly South African

    Pedego is different because we put people first.

    The most important part of every Pedego isn’t some high­ tech gadget or fancy bicycle component­ – it’s the person riding it.

    Everything we do is focused on the actual experience of buying and owning a Pedego and all the joy it can bring into your life.

  • Our Umhlanga Dealership

    Our motto is hello, fun…

    Pedegos are the very best electric bikes on earth because they’re the most fun to ride.

    That’s why Pedego owners don’t like their bikes – they love ‘em.

  • We have full distribution rights for Africa with extended warranties and Back ups

    If a Pedego owner is merely satisfied, then we’ve let them down.

    Satisfied isn’t good enough for us!

    It’s our policy to do whatever it takes to make sure that every single Pedego customer is delighted with their bike and overall experience.

  • Labor of Love

    We love our work because all we sell is fun!

    Every hour of everyday somewhere on earth someone is falling in love with a Pedego and rediscovering the simple joy of riding a bicycle.

    That feels pretty good.