Just as you care for your care, your favourite e-bike also deserves some love and care. As they say, a clean bike ride better.

It all starts with the dirty parts – the chain and cassette. Good advice is to buy a chain cleaner from your local bike shop – it last for a long time and it works well. (The chain run runs through rollers and the paraffin or other degreaser cleans it). If not take a degreaser and put it on a cloth and wrap it around the chain and spin the pedals.  Use a brush if need bo on both the chain and the cassette.

Then get the bike washed. I need to say immediately – no high-pressure hose. It forces the water into places you don’t want it to do. The electrics for once and then it also removes the lubrication. A wet cloth with some soap will do the trick. Wipe rather than wash. You don’t want access water on the bike. Remove the mud and stains and let the bike dry completely.

To polish the bike frame use, a furniture polish (like Mr Min). Give it a light spray and wipe with a dry cloth for a great shine. Then the chain – you need to lube the chain to ensure it last for a long time. There are special chain lubes available from the bike shop or you can use Q20 or WD40 which I prefer.

It is worth to look after you bike. It is an expensive piece of equipment and it needs to serve you for a long time.

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