It makes so much sense to be seen on your bike. It starts with the bike and then you as the cyclist.

SMART e-bikes come standard with reflective tape both in the front and the back – just in case. A red strip at the back and white or fluorescent green/yellow in the front is installed. Then a light: most of the SMART e-bikes are fitted with a front light and a reflector on the back. It is recommended that a back light be fitted should you have any intention of riding in poor light.

Then what you wear. It is a known fact that black has the worst visibility and neon or fluorescent green the best visibility. You may think that you will not be exposed to others. Well, there is always a change that someone needs to see you even if it is only other cyclists. So, pick you clothing carefully. The jersey should be a bright colour. Your bibs can be black as it is not so visible to others. But you can also use bright socks. Your legs are moving and something bright will get the attention of those around you.

You can also put a reflective strip on the back of your helmet if you think you may be exposed to low light conditions.

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