This manual take you through the display and settings of the MAESTRO II LCD.

Product name and model

Name: Intelligent TFT display for E-bike

Model: KD986

YouTube illustration: 






Control Unit


Switching the E-bike System On/Off

Press the power button (middle button) to switch on the E-bike system for 2 seconds.

Switch the e-bike off by holding the power button in for 2 seconds. The E-bike no longer uses the battery power.

When parking the E-bike for more than 10 minutes, the E-bike system switches off automatically.

Display Interface (The LCD display)

After switching on the E-bike system, the display will show Speed and Trip Distance as default. Pressing the “i” button (middle button on the control unit) to switch between following elements:

Trip (Km) →ODO (Km)→Max. Speed (Km/h)→ Avg. Speed (Km/h) →Time (Min.) .



 Display Indication Cycle Interface


Switching Push-assist Mode

Be off the bike to use this mode. To activate the push-assistance function, hold the button under the “-” button of the control unit. After 2 seconds, the E-bike’s motor is activated at a constant speed of 6 km/h while the screen displays “ ”. The push assist function is switched off as soon as you release the “-” button. The E-bike stops the power output immediately.


Be aware of danger of injury when the wheels of the E-bike do not have ground contact while using the push-assistance function.

 Switching the front light On/Off

To switch the headlight on, hold the “+” button on the control panel briefly. The backlight brightness of the LCD display, is automatically reduced. Hold the “+” button in again, the lighting can be switched off. (Some models have an automatic lights on when the unit is powered on)

 Assist Level Selection (PAS level)

Briefly press "+" or "-" button to switch between assistance levels so as to change the motor output power, The default assistance level ranges from level “0” to level “7”, The output power is zero on Level “0”. Level “1” is the minimum power. Level “7” is the maximum power. When you reach “7”, press the "+" button again, the interface still shows “7”, and blinks at“7” to indicate the power highest. After the power downshift reaches “0”, press the "-" button again, the interface still shows “0” and blinks at “0”to indicate the power minimum. The default value is level “1”. The PAS level is indicated on the LCD display in the bottom/middle (PAS 1 in this case)




 Battery Indicator

The five battery bars represent the capacity of the battery as displayed on the top left of the LCD display. (In this case the level is 70%) The five battery bars are bright when the battery is in high voltage. When percentage is 0%, the battery needs to be recharged.



Motor Power Indicator

The power of the motor used is indicated on the blue bar on the LCD display.


USB connection

A USB charge port comes standard with the LCD and can be used to charge a device. If so, the LCD will indicate that the USB is in use.


Display Settings

Press the On/Off button on the control unit to switch on the display.

To access Setting page, hold both the “+” button and the “-” button for 2s. Using the “+” and “-“ button, you can move from one setting to the other. The power On/Off is used to enter the setting. Move to “Display Settings” and enter with the middle button (On/Off switch)

All the Settings are operated in the case of a stationary E-bike.

Trip Distance Clearance

Trip Reset represents trip distance clearance setting.

To clear trip distance, press the “+” button or the “-” button to select Yes or No. Yes

represents clearing a single ride distance. No represents not clearing a single ride


To store a changed setting, briefly press the “i” button to confirm.

Unit km/mile Conversion

Toggle Unit represents unit settings as above to select either km/h or miles per hour.

Backlight Brightness Settings LCD Luminance represents backlight brightness. 100% is the highest brightness. The less the percentage, the lower the backlight brightness. To change the backlight brightness, follow the same step as discussed before.

Default settings.

If you want to reset the default settings you may do so. Use the step as before.


ADVANCED SETTINGS (Take care before changing any of the default settings)

After the Display Settings are done, Press Back to return to Setting page.

Press UP/DOWN button to choose Advanced Settings and press “i” button to enter

Advanced Settings page.

Assist Level Settings

Assist Level Mode Options

Power Set represents assist level settings. In assist level mode settings, there are 8

modes for your choice:0-3, 1-3, 0-5, 1-5, 0-7, 1-7, 0 -9, 1-9. The default mode is 0-7.

To change assist level mode, press the “+” or the “-” button to choose the desired mode

and press the “i” button to confirm and access assist level ratio settings automatically.


Controller Over-current Cut Settings

Current Limit represents controller over-current cut settings. The current value can be changed from 7.0A to 25.0A.

To change basic settings, press the “+” or the “-” button to increase or decrease the value of the current.

To store a changed setting, press the “i” button to confirm.

Power Assistant Sensor Magnets

Assistant Num represents the number of magnets in the PAS disk. The settable range is “5” to “24”.

To change the magnet number of power assist sensor, press the “+” or the “-” button to choose the desired number.

To store a changed setting, press the “i” button to confirm.

Speed Sensor Speed Sensor represents speed sensor settings.

To change speed sensor settings, press the “+” or the “-” button to select the quantity of magnet heads on the e-bike spoke (the range is from 1 to 15).

To store a changed setting, press the “i” button to confirm.

Slow start Slow start represents slow start-up settings. It is a time duration before you get power assistance when applying pedal power. The range is “1-4”. “4” is the slowest. The default value is “1”. To change slow start up settings, press +/- button to choose the desired value. And press the i button to confirm.

Sensitivity. Sensitivity represents the sensitivity of power assist sensor. It means the motor assist should start after a certain number of magnets are passing on the power assist sensor.

To change the value, press the “+” or the “-” button to choose the sensitivity value. The default value can be customized.

To store a changed setting, press the “i” button to confirm

 Quality Assurance and Warranty Scope


(1)The warranty will be valid only for products used in normal usage conditions.

(2)The warranty is valid for 24 months after the shipment or delivery to customers

The following fall outside the warranty scope.

  1. The display is demolished or damaged or abused or incorrectly used.
  2. The damage of the display is caused by wrong installation or operation.
  3. Shell of the display is broken when the bike was delivered.
  4. Wire of the display is broken.
  5. The fault or damage of the display is caused by the force majeure (e.g., fire, earthquake, etc.).
  6. Beyond Warranty period.

*This manual instruction is a universal version for DISPLAY KD986. Some versions of this display may be different from specification to specification as to the software.

Please always refer to an actual version.

Attached list 1Error code definition

Error Code Definition

21 Current Abnormality

22 Throttle Abnormality

23 Motor Phase Abnormality

24 Motor Hall Signal Abnormality

25 Brake Abnormality

30 Communication Abnormality

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