The best example of technological advancement regarding electric motors is probably cars. The use of battery power in cars is fast developing is in time to come more if not all cars will be battery-powered.

We have also seen the advancement of technology in e-biking. Many years ago an e-bike was a conventional bike with some form of a conversion kit making it an electric bike. It a very much an add-on. Today, bikes are specially designed as e-bikes and it is fair to say, very sophisticated. They have specially designed frames, integrated batteries, well-positioned motors, and fancy electronics with it.

Now it moves to the next level. It includes motorized skateboards, kick scooters,

But the use of e-bikes has also changed. It is not only a fun bike. Security companies use them for patrols, business people use them for deliveries and people use them daily as a form of transport. Then the fishermen use them to cover the distance on the beach and golfers use a converted e-bike as their caddy.

I think this is just the beginning. With the focus on protecting the environment and moving away from polluting and destroying the earth, electric propulsion will take over.