It is not always the big issues that make you feel good about your bike.  Here are some reasons why a SMART-e is a good option:

  • Every bike is personalized. When you open your box, your bike will have your name on the frame – a nice personal touch.
  • Brake lever protector. Every MTB is equipped with a brake lever protector. It makes the braking just softer on the hands.
  • Dust caps. The dust caps are not the boring black cap but a colour coded aluminum cap. Something small but it rounds off the look.
  • Waterproof cap. A plastic ring is installed on the saddle post to divert the water and it looks good too.
  • A larger saddle. The option is given to change the saddle to a larger and more comfortable one. Not all enjoy a narrow, racing saddle.
  • Crank protector. A crack protector is installed to prevent the bottom of the crank from damage and scratches.
  • A kickstand, front light, reflectors, reflective tape and tools are standard issues.
  • Extensive time is spend, where necessary, with prospective buyers on e-biking and what bike is best .
  • An information document is sent to those who require more information on e-biking in general.

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