Bikes are designed for different purposes. A mountain bike (also known as an all-terrain bike) has the capabilities to manage off road conditions such as wider and different tyres and fitted with shocks. City bikers are more designed to cover longer distances and their off road capabilities are very limited. Then you get cruisers designed for a comfortable and relax ride.
How many e-bikes have you had to date? Probably none. So, the more reason you need to get up to speed with e-biking.
There are 4 basic categories of e-bikes:
Off road bikes:
These bikes come with wider tyres and are equipped with either one or two shocks to handle the rough terrain. Yet, it is a bike that can be used on a hard terrain as well. This category includes fat bikes which is ideal for soft sand (such as the beach). These bikes are very popular in SA due to its versatility where you have the best of both worlds: tar and off road. (More Information below)
These bikes are made for solid terrain and are often used to commute or at least used for fun on something like an esplanade ride or used in an estate. This includes foldable bikes as well.
Specialized bikes.
These bikes have a specific purpose such as a trike (three-wheeler) where people with a balance problem will use them or a cargo bike or even a tandem.
Road Bikes
Road e-bikes are becoming very popular in Europe. It is less popular here, but it is coming. Some of these bikes are also commuter style bikes and then others are proper racing bikes.