Everyone talks about more recreational parks, promoting healthy life style, getting more people active and the advantages of people exercising. This will have a noticeable effect on e-biking but what is standing in the way?
• Awareness. When you talk to the man in the street they are pretty much ignorant when it comes to e-biking. (In fact, most have no clue). So there is an awareness lack out there and some education is required for people to realize the unfounded treasure of e-biking. But it is changing quickly.
• A lack of facilities. We see more MTB trails been built, cycling tours organized and interest groups calling for better facilities. But, we need a commitment to have urban cycle lanes (obviously for all type of bicycles) and then role players to support cycling from farmers to big business.
• Lack of support. The Chinese government and for that matter many other countries, introduced incentives and support structures to encourage citizens to use bicycles as a means of transport. Do we have it locally?
• Price of e-bikes. Let us face it. E-bikes are not cheap. You basically pay for a bike and then also a motorized system. More affordable bikes enter the market which open the doors for those hwo could not afford it in the past.
• Safety. A touchy subject but very real. You need to be very selective where you ride today and what seems safe today may not be the case tomorrow. Controlled areas such as estates and paid trails and rides have a lower safety risk.