Do you have to pick? Lets face it, each has a purpose. I will rather leave the E-Bike and the motorbike at home when I need to travel and it is raining. Surely. Then what can beat a ride along the coast on a Sunday when you have perfect weather. Nothing.

It is very convenient to jump on your bike and park right in front of the shop whilst others try and find parking for which they will pay too. Riding casually the street walks (where it is safe), beats other formats of transport.

The best of all is to ride with fellow E-bikers having a chat and discuss the daily events. That is fun. To me that is really part of the fun experience. Stopping for coffee, having some laughs and move on to the next point of interest. You cannot do that in a car.

The best of all worlds have a car and use you E-Bike to chill.

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