Some time ago when you use an E-Bike people frowned upon the idea and regarded it as cheating. Well, lets understand why you use an e-bike and that it itself is vast. The main reason for an e-bike is to have fun. Or you just do not want to pedal for instance if it is a mode of transport. Surely you do not want to get to work all sweaty?

Then you go out for a ride and people ask:  what is the point of cycling when you have a motor to assist? The reason could be because I want assistance for whatever reason. To use an E-Bike is not there to compete with the competitive rider. It is to go out there and enjoy the ride. You are not hiding the fact that you are on an E-Bike, so there is no cheating involved. And it is not a race.

I am also a competitive cyclist but I also enjoy riding my E-bike. Mostly with my wife and that is super fun.

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