E-bikes have been popular in Europe and the US for years. It is an easy way to move whether it is for pure fun, training or transport. In fact more e-bikes are sold in Europe than the conventional bikes. That does not surprise me.

So what is the position in SA? It is a relative new and unknown concept that is only now getting traction. In fact when Pedego was introduced into SA some 6 years ago people would say “electric bike huh?”. Likely it is changing. We have missed out on so much FUN.

Most of the top cycling brands are now introducing e-bikes and the focus is on mountain bikes. That in itself has lead to a greater awareness of e- bikes. And it is more acceptable in those circles with less and less people frowning upon people using e-bikes; realizing they use it for a purpose.

The leisure market is now opening up. People go on e-bike cycle tours (such a cool idea); they use it in the golf estates, leisure rides, casual off road rides and also for exploring new areas.

The use of an e-bike for transport is still growing and will continue to do so. We have missed out on the great fun offered using an e-bike, but then it is never too late.

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