MYTH: These bikes are for lazy people who don’t want to exercise.

FACT: With the help of electric bikes, many people get more exercise than they would otherwise. Remember, if you’re not twisting the throttle, you’re riding a regular pedal bicycle with 6 gears and pedals. The throttle puts you in control of your workout and also allows you to use your bike more often — as an alternative means of non-sweaty transportation.

MYTH: You won’t lose weight on these bikes.

FACT: These bikes allow people to climb on a bike and pedal … despite bad knees, hips, backs and more. The old excuses for not exercising are lost…along with the weight!

MYTH: These bikes are too expensive to afford.

FACT: Compared to the cost of other automobile-alternatives, electric bikes will save you money. You can travel farther, faster and with less exhaustion than a standard bike, without paying for gas, licenses (the car’s and yours), insurance, and … did we mention gas? With financing, you can purchase a new Pedego electric bike for the cost of one tank of gas each month, on approved credit. No down payment needed and no pre-payment penalty. And when you plug in your new electric bike battery, you can rest assured the pennies you spend to charge it will be well spent. And the stress-busting, life-affirming, gee-whiz smiling FUN is FREE.

MYTH: These bikes need to recharge by pedaling or they’re not worth it.

FACT: Pedego electric bikes can boast state-of-the-art lithium ion batteries that charge quickly and have no battery memory issues. So if you take a quick ride, you can plug it in afterward for a quick charge. As for recharging while you ride, remember that the purpose of the motor is to make riding easier. Two things would be necessary for your bike to recharge itself: 1. It would need to gain significant weight in energy-charging machinery. 2. This machinery would need to fight against your pedaling to create friction that leads to a charge. Pedego is all about making it fun and easy to exercise. We think that’s worth a few cents’ worth of electricity.

MYTH: People on these bikes are cheating.

FACT: Cheating whom, exactly? They’re certainly not cheating themselves. In fact, they enjoy additional exercise, fresh air, green living, saving cash and having fun. Kinda makes it look like the other guys are cheating…themselves!