• Before you get on the bike make sure you have your helmet on. (Put it on or close to the bike when you store it.)
  • Sun protection. If you have not put sun tan lotion on before you left, ensure to take some along.
  • Eye protection. What about a good pair of sun glasses.
  • This is to buy some a cappuccino and maybe a muffin at the coffee shop.
  • Your cell phone. Not only to make a call but to take those photos for Facebook or Instagram.
  • If the weather is a bit dodgy, take a rain jacket or jersey along if you expect cool weather.
  • It may become hot and a bottle water (in your bottle cage) is a good idea.
  • Comfortable clothes. Make sure the clothes you wear is suitable. Remember your legs move so suitable pants is a good idea. Ladies be aware that you will lean forward (with some Pedego models you may) so you do not want to display too much.


  • Charge the battery. Get into the habit of charging the battery on your return. Nothing so frustrating as going for a ride with a half loaded battery.
  • Pump the tyres. A flat tyre calls for a disaster. It is not only dangerous but it will result in a flatty.
  • Ensure your helmet is donned and properly secured.
  • Do some planning. Although you may change your mind on the way, have some game plan.
  • Estimate the distance you intend riding and ensure that this is within the capability of your battery.
  • If you have not oiled the chain for a while, do so.
  • Pack your belongings for the trip: a cell phone, money, a hat and sun screen.
  • It is a good idea to tell someone where you going and when you expect to be back.
  • Make sure you have agreed where to meet friends at what time.
  • Get into the right frame of mind as you are about to have some FUN.


  • Just like your car, your E-Bike also requires some love and care. It all starts with cleaning the bike. Do the chain first. Use a chain cleaning liquid or paraffin. Then wash the bike with soap and water. Use chain lube, it will extend the life of both the chain and components. Some furniture polish at the end will make it shine again.
  • Take your bike for a service for time to time. Under normal use, once a year should suffice, but get it done.
  • If something is not working properly (such as the gears are making a noise or the shifting is a problem), take it to your local bike shop and get it fixed.
  • Your bike is an expensive item, look after it. Store it in a safe place. Best, lock it for safety purposes.
  • Even when you are not using the bike, ensure the tyres are inflated. Most tyres today have an indication of maximum tyre pressure indicated on the side of the tyre.


Some time ago when you use an E-Bike people frowned upon the idea and regarded it as cheating. Well, lets understand why you use an e-bike and that it itself is vast. The main reason for an e-bike is to have fun. Or you just do not want to pedal for instance if it is a mode of transport. Surely you do not want to get to work all sweaty?

Then you go out for a ride and people ask:  what is the point of cycling when you have a motor to assist? The reason could be because I want assistance for whatever reason. To use an E-Bike is not there to compete with the competitive rider. It is to go out there and enjoy the ride. You are not hiding the fact that you are on an E-Bike, so there is no cheating involved. And it is not a race.

I am also a competitive cyclist but I also enjoy riding my E-bike. Mostly with my wife and that is super fun.


The major advantage of an E-Bike is that it gets those that are not used to be riding, on the bike. It is an easy entry. Many people just find it too hard and strenuous to jump on a normal bike and give up before they start.

The E-Bike eases you into it. In the beginning you will use much more power and as you find it easier, you will use more leg power and probably use the motor only when it is too hard to handle. Like going up a hill or when you feel tired.

If you have the intention to use the bike also for exercise and not only for fun, start slowly. Short distances and as you feel more comfortable, go further and use less power. Later on if that is what you want, do the leg power as much as possible, well knowing that if you need assistance it is there.

Many E-Bike owners buy the bike to have fun with others. You may not have the physical condition to stay with a group or a family member and the E-Bike makes this possible. Now you can stay with them and it is up to you to decide how much leg power you want to add to the assistance offered by the motor.